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Avian Influenza


Bird Flu Confirmed in Norfolk on 3 June 2017

There has been an outbreak of H5N8 bird flu in a small backyard flock of chickens and geese near Diss in south Norfolk. Defra published an Order on the evening of Saturday 3 June confirming the outbreak and putting in place a 3km Protection Zone and 10km Surveillance Zone.

No gamebirds can be released within the zones and any bird movements into, within and from the zones have to be licensed by a Government veterinary inspector. All kept birds must either be housed or otherwise separated from wild birds. The regulations also require careful record keeping in relation to all bird movements and visitors.

The Order, which includes a map showing where the outbreak and the zones are located, is on the Gov.UK website via this link.

Information on Bird Flu and Gamebirds was issued by Government and seven leading game and countryside organisations on 3 March 2017. It includes explanation about how to separate kept birds from wild birds. You can read the information by clicking on this sentence.

We will keep this area of the GFA website up to date with evolving news. In the meantime, all gamebird keepers are urged to be vigillant, to practice best possible biosecurity and to heed all the rules on record keeping and biosecurity in relation to the management and, inparticular, the movement of any kept birds.

The GFA Game Farming Guide contains further relevant information for members in the sections on Notifiable Diseases and Animal Transport. 




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