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Transporting Gamebirds

The rules for transporting animals of all kinds are based on EU legislation. The Game Farmers' Association has long worked to minimise the impact of the changes on game rearers, whilst always ensuring good bird welfare.

The current rules mean that most people involved with game farming need paperwork before they can transport cjicks, poults or adult birds. The following table summarises the current laws:

Journeys up to 65 kilometers (c.40 miles)Animal Transport Certificate
Journeys over 65 kilometers but taking less than 8 hoursAnimal Transport Certificate
Proprietor must hold Animal Transport Authorisation Type 1
A person with a TransportCertificate of Competence (short journeys) must accompany the delivery
Journeys taking over 8 hoursAnimal Transport Certificate
Proprietor must hold Animal Transport Authorisation Type 2
A person with a TransportCertificate of Competence  (long journeys) must accompany the delivery


Animal Transport CertificateAn Animal Transport Certificate (ATC) must accompany the birds and must be kept afterwards for .... months. The Game Farmers Association produces and sells to GFA members a formal delivery note, personalized with the details of the vendor and with two detachable carbon copies. Defra have accepted this as containing everything required to constitute a formal ATC.
Transport Authorisation Type 1
This document relates to the proprietor of the game farm and
can be obtained free simply by applying to the State Veterinary Service. You do get the forms either by calling 0845 6038395 or downloading them from
eu-transportreg.htm (Note: the SVS is now known as ‘Animal Health').
Transport Certificate of Competence (Short Journeys)
NPTC City and Guilds has developed a ‘Level 2 Certificate of Competence in the Transport of Animals by Road' which qualifies for this purpose. To get this you have to pass a test. It is a multiple choice paper and you can take it at a local NPTC Assessment Centre. It costs about £40, which includes the certificate. Trials suggest that most game farmers should pass, although the test does include questions on the new laws. Studying the Assessment Schedule on the NPTC website will help and the GFA is looking into publishing guidance later this year so that candidates uncertain whether they have the necessary knowledge can be sure before taking the test.




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