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The Game Farmers' Association (GFA) is a trade organisation dedicated to the production of quality gamebirds for the UK shooting industry.

Many shoots in Britain rely on hand-reared gamebirds, released into the countryside during the summer to supplement the wild stocks before the winter shooting season begins. Good game farming ensures that these birds, mostly pheasant and partridge, are strong, fit and ready for the natural environment in which they will live.

Most game farmers in Britain are members of the GFA and the Association represents their interests, as well as encouraging everyone who rears game to follow high standards.

Some of our most important work has been to secure near-identical yet practical Game Rearing Codes for England, Scotland and Wales. These ensure that game farming is officially recognised by Government and is always carried out to a high welfare standard, backed by the force of law.

Latest News & Information

Antibiotic Use in Gamebirds MUST Fall Further

Click on the link below for the latest 2020 Joint Communication on Antibiotic Reduction in gamebirds.   Joint Communication on Anticiotic Reduction - Spring 2020         ... read more

Template to record usage of Highest Priority Critically Important Antibiotics

Highest Priority Critically Important Antibiotics (HI-CIA) must only be used as a last resort under veterinary direction. Details and justification for each use must be recorded on the British Game Al ... read more

Defra ask court to dismiss Wild Justice judicial review

In what is being described as extremely positive news by four leading shooting membership organisations, Defra has described Wild Justice’s judicial review seeking to restrict gamebird releases  ... read more

Gamebird release safe for 2020 after Wild Justice abandon application to fast-track legal challenge

The releasing of gamebirds this year will not be affected by court action after Wild Justice pulled back from asking for their legal challenge to be speeded up.   Wild Justice has conceded that ... read more

Game Farmers’ Association Update Covid-19 - A message from our Chairman

Dear GFA Members   As we all battle with the challenges posed by Covid-19, I wanted to send you an update.   The GFA Committee met yesterday via a 90-minute telephone conference call. We ... read more

Shooting organisations unite for legal battle

Four leading shooting organisations have joined forces to help fight Wild Justice’s latest judicial review against Defra on the legality of releasing gamebirds over designated sites.   Th ... read more

Gamebird Sector Calls for Further Reductions in Antibiotic Use

Organisations representing the gamebird rearing sector have called for a big push to further reduce the use of antibiotics in 2020, despite having already almost halved use overall since 2016.   ... read more

Low Pathogenic H5 Bird Flu found on poultry unit in Suffolk

We have just been alerted by Defra to the confirmation of Low Pathogenic H5 Bird Flu on a poultry unit in mid Suffolk. Click below for the Defra press release and the declaration and map: ... read more